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Scriptwriting Curriculum

  • Learning about the evolution of Indian screenplay
  • Understanding the Premise
  • Identifying the Theme
  • Creating Well-rounded characters
  • Writing Dialogue
  • Writing good Opening Scenes and Effective climax
  • Designing a Scene
  • Structuring the story
  • The Art of Adaptation
  • Pitching
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Collaborating with writers, Producers and Directors
  • Writing Reality Shows
  • Writing Fiction for TV
  • Formatting a Screenplay

Course Benefits

  • This Program equips students for a career as Screenwriters for film and Television Production Houses. They can also work as independent writers and playwriters at the end of the sentence.


  • Applicant should have cleared primary school

Course Duration

  • Full Time: 3 Months



Is There Any Course For Script Writing?

Yes, we have a course of script writing at ICE, in script writing we teach about different important element like Scene Heading.

  • Action
  • Character Name.
  • Dialogue.
  • Parenthetical.
  • Extensions.
  • Transition.
  • Shot.

Which Is The Best Script And Copy Writing Course?

Just visit the website of ICE institute of creative excellence and opt for free counselling.

How Can I Learn Script Writing?

If you want to learn professional script writing then you can contact to us. We have started India’s best script writing course, which help you to achieve your script writing goals.

What Are The Basics Of Script Writing?

Although there no basics of script writing but we consider best comes with improvement, so things which are in basic Scene Heading

  • Action
  • Character
  • Parenthetical
  • Dialogue
  • Transition

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