Scriptwriting the first step towards making a film or a serial. It is THE idea, told in a full length screenplay which is then taken into production for audio-visual representation. It is the Screenwriter who writes the script.

ICE Scripting Course

Devised to equip students with the skill-set and tools required to write screenplays, the ICE Scriptwriting course exposes students to various lessons, exercises and thinking techniques. So that they can come up with original and out-of-the-box screenplays.


The ICE Scriptwriting Course is conducted by instructors who are also professionals in the writing field. They are respected veterans of the industry and they give each student the personal focus necessary for launching their careers as Scriptwriters.


After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers as Screenwriters for Film Production Houses, TV Production Houses and Channels. They can also work as independent writers.

ICE Script Writing Course Curriculum

  • Learning about the evolution of Indian screenplays
  • The art of adaptation
  • Understanding the premise
  • Pitching
  • Identifying the theme
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Creating well-rounded characters
  • Collaborating with writers, producers and directors
  • Writing dialogues
  • Writing reality shows
  • Writing good opening scenes and effective climaxes
  • Writing fiction for TV
  • Designing a scene
  • Formatting a screenplay using final draft software
  • Making a script book


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