Digital Sound is today’s new age medium to listen to flawless music. Using digital technologies for recording and enhancing sound is the new wave of the sound industry.

ICE Digital Sound Course

The course has in-depth coverage of using digital platforms to record, manipulate, transfer and print audio.


Instructors who are also professionals in their respective fields conduct the ICE Digital Sound Course. They are respected veterans of the industry and they give each student the personal focus necessary for launching his career.


After successfully completing the course, students can start their careers in the digital recording studios as assistants on Pro Tools & Digi Factory

ICE Digital Sound Course Curriculum:

    The training focuses on:

  • Studio Setup
  • Buffer Settings and Latency Times
  • Nudging
  • Setting Up Your Listening Environment
  • Balance: The Art of Producing and Recording Your Own Music
  • Digital Editing
  • Signal Flow
  • The Basics of Effects Loops
  • Using Audio Suite Plug-in for Editing
  • Types of Tracks
  • Headphones and Headphone Mixes
  • Elastic Audio
  • Creating a New Session in Pro Tools
  • Bouncing Down Your Final Tracks and Making an MP3
  • Post-Editing Cleanup and Managing Regions
  • Tracks and Regions
  • Fades and Crossfades
  • The Flow and Balance of Editing
  • Recording Audio
  • Working with Tracks, Regions and Selections
  • Introduction to Virtual DJ
  • Setting Recording Levels
  • Creative Editing
  • Working back and forth between Virtual DJ and Pro Tools
  • Sampling and Anti-Aliasing
  • Sound file formats and compatibility
  • Quantization and Coding


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