Dance is an expression of emotions through body movement. But there’s more to dance, and that’s Performance – choreographed just for the stage. That’s where we step in.

Age Groups

  • 7 to 14 years

Dance Junior is a 30 hours fun dance program for kids in the age group of 7-14 years. The program covers the following dance forms:

  • Contemporary:
    Focusing on the unconventional movements, on flexibility instead of rigidity and searching for new forms and dynamism, was born the Contemporary Dance form. This extremely fluidic dance form is more a philosophy exploring natural energy and emotions to produce movements.
  • Hip-Hop:
    Made popular by dance crews, this super-energetic dance form is performed to Hip-Hop music. Appearing really simple when performed, this dance form requires a good sense of rhythm and a great deal of practice.
  • Bollywood Dance:
    Deriving inspiration from Indian Folk Dances, Classical Dance forms, a sprinkle of disco and a bit of Western dance comes the Bollywood Dance, a joyful exercise-music filled with energy.


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