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How Can I Learn Acting & What Is The Fees Of Acting Course?

Acting course fees vary according to your selected course. For more detail please contact us or call on +91-80-100-786-01.

What Do You Learn In Acting Classes?

In our acting classes you'll learn different styles/methods of acting. How to perform a character as well as how to face cameras from different angles, dialogue delivery. Besides this a person also learn Public Speaking, Communication, Team Work, and become confident in life.

What Skills Do Actors Need?

For being a good actor or actress.

  • You should understand your character.
  • You know how to face cameras.
  • Dialogue delivery.
  • How to perform role with multiply cameras.
  • Facialy Expressions.
  • Confidence
  • Team Work
  • Hard Working

Do You Really Need Acting Classes In Order To Act?

Fortunately, we have excellent acting schools and acting institute for films and media industry training, for making your career in acting or getting work in industry, one need a professional level of training so that you can perform well in front of audition.

What Are The Best Short Acting Courses?

For your first time training you need to have at least 3 months of training, then you can have workshop and training as per your project and work.

What Things Do We Get To Learn In Acting Courses?

We provide power-packed film acting training using innovative technology with the help of our Research & Development team who has created Courseware. Several Media Giants like Balaji, Reliance, etc have declared us as “Preferred Partner”. We have achieved International Certification on Quality Standards. Course covers - Evolution of film language, Cinema as art, technology and business, Visual grammar or Film grammar Understanding the Composition, Film appreciation.

Screenplay and dialogues, 3 Act Structure, Importance of Conflict in script Camera Movements & Angles Camera Exposure - Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed, Lens Perspective, Lighting up Scene. Editing- Language of Cinema & Transitions in Editing, Rhythm & Pace in Editing, How Cuts work, Sound Editing & Techniques of Editing, Juxtaposition, Montage, Continuity & Ellipsis.

Do Acting Classes In Mumbai Offer Part Time Acting Courses?

Yes, we are offering part time acting course in Mumbai for students who want to start their career in acting.


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