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Film Editing Courses - Professional Film Editing Classes by ICE  Institute of Creative Excellence

Full Time Part Time


It is often said that the secret to great film-making is great editing. Editing
is what makes a film move up from good to great. Even a well directed film can
come out as a boring affair if it is not creatively edited. Similarly, a moderately
directed film can become a big hit due to the creative touch of an editor.
Editing is the heart-beat of a film because it gives the film a suitable pace and
rhythm. It is a perfect combination of art and technique.

ICE Editing Course

Learn all the skills required to edit films and serials - from technical
knowledge to analysis and film appreciation to hands-on training using the
actual equipment. Students are taught all the skills and nuances required to do
a good editing job, whilst also learning about all the latest innovations.


The ICE Editing Course is conducted by instructors who are also professionals in the editing field. They are respected veterans of the industry and they give each student the personal focus necessary for launching their careers as Editors.

ICE EDITING Course Curriculum:

  • Process of editing as grammar of film making
  • Technical excellence over FCP and Avid operation
  • Offline editing in multi-camera set-ups
  • Audio-visual effects, packaging & chroma-key
  • Mastering the editing skills for dialogue, song, action, comedy,
    horror, suspense and thrill
  • The art and technique of editing Feature Films, TV Serials,
    Music Videos, Ad Films, Reality Shows, Talk Shows,
    Documentaries, News Stories, Montage & Promos.
  • Film analysis and film appreciation to understand the language
  • The history of evolution and growth of editing
  • Regular shows of films with excellent editing
  • Experience of industry practices through studio visits
  • Support in career-design and proper guidance to get job


After successfully completing the course, students can start their editing careers in films, television, theaters, publishing houses and advertising agencies as audio editors, content editors, line editors and on-air editors.